All of 2015

OK, admittedly, I did a galactically bad job of keeping up with my blog this year. So let’s fix that with one mega-post. After getting everybody settled in California, I started to run again at the beginning of the 2015. Nothing crazy intense, but at least got back to a consistent pattern. I will say […]

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End of 2014

With all of the business that comes with a cross country move and starting a new job, the end of 2014 didn’t lend itself to much time for running. I got to the Bay Area in mid September to start my new job and look for a a house for us. Michelle and I had […]

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Big Changes: Heading West

When I was in college (late 80s/early 90s) and began using computers on a daily basis, I used the same password1 for everything:  SanFrancisco.  I had visited many times and had always loved that city. Fast forward a few years to the late 90s, and after starting a digital agency named Ethos Interactive, my girlfriend, […]

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Long overdue update

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written about my running. Let’s get started with a long overdue post. About 10 days after running the Columbus Marathon last fall, I had to get the hernia repair surgery that I had put off in order to run the marathon. That surgery went well, but it also […]

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Columbus Marathon race report

Before I talk about my race, let me just say that the Columbus Marathon does an amazing job with this race. I’ve run bigger marathons, smaller marathons, destination marathons and even a Canadian marathon, but I’ve never run a better marathon than Columbus. Excellent pre-race communications, a nice expo, well organized corrals, fast, fun, interesting […]

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A tuneup race

Tomorrow morning, I’ll toe the line for the Air Force Half Marathon at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  As has been my habit over the past couple of years, I am running a half marathon just about a month before the full marathon A-race for the year.  While I certainly enjoy training, it’s nice to put […]

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All systems go

A little over a year ago, when I finished the Glass City Marathon in Toledo, I remember going through a bunch of emotions. Pride for having accomplished what I set out to do: run a sub 3:30 marathon, joy for having my family there with me, exhaustion from the effort, and yes, relief for being […]

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Bombings at the Boston Marathon

Big changes in just a few hours. I love the Boston Marathon.  Since I started running a few years ago, I’ve watched the race every year as some of the most inspiring athletes in the world take on the course from Hopkinton to Boston.  This year was no different. Monday morning was spent watching the elites take the […]

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