All of 2015

OK, admittedly, I did a galactically bad job of keeping up with my blog this year. So let’s fix that with one mega-post.

After getting everybody settled in California, I started to run again at the beginning of the 2015. Nothing crazy intense, but at least got back to a consistent pattern. I will say this: running in January is far easier in California is far easier than it is in Ohio. None of those pesky ice storms or polar vortices to deal with.

I thought I’d be ready for a spring marathon, so I signed up for the Newport Marathon at the very end of May in Newport, Oregon. Unfortunately, while on a regular 8 mile run in early April, I stepped on a very sharp chunk of broken asphalt, and ended up hobbling around for a few weeks, trying to run through the pain, but finally pulled the plug and took most of May off. No spring marathon.

During this same time, my older son was hit square between the eyes with a line drive while at baseball practice. See that pink arrow? Noses aren’t supposed to look that way. All disconnected and such. Far worse than the broken nose was a pretty severe concussion that had him out of school for quite a while. His headaches persisted for months.

Broken nose and concussion

My foot started to feel back to normal, so I started to train again slowly in June in hopes of a fall marathon at CIM. The summer went pretty well, and by August I was back to about 50 miles/week. And then the foot pain came back with a vengeance. I finally got an MRI and found that I had torn a tendon in the bottom of my foot back in April. Full stop, no training for a least a month, so no fall marathon.

One huge bright spot that year was non-running. In November, my family celebrated by parents’ 50th wedding anniversary by traveling to Italy together. We stayed in a villa outside of Rome and then also visited the Amalfi Coast, Florence, and Pisa.

David at Galleria dell’Accademia
A quick run in Florence, outside the Cathedral of Santa Maria

I got back to running again recently. My aim is to run a spring marathon with hopes of qualifying for Boston in 2017.