At long last, a solid week

It’s been a while since I’ve had a decent, solid week of running.  Since the Houston Marathon in January, I’ve been spending too much time searching around for medical advice, then getting differing views on whether or not I should be running.  It’s really taken a toll on my early spring.  I’ve got one more opinion to get (a neurosurgeon on May 7), then I can really get a plan in place, so until then, I’ll take the 26 miles I’ve run this week and put them in the bank.

Since I’m supposed to keep my pace down, I’ve decided to use the time to focus on my running form a bit more.  At the moment, I’m working on two things:

  1. Getting my cadence up
  2. Keeping my shoulders and neck nice and relaxed

I plan to put in some hard work on core strength as well.  Hopefully the investments I’m putting in now while I can’t run with intensity will pay off down the road if I can get back to serious training.

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