Houston bound

A quick post to say that I’ve decided to run the Houston Marathon on January 13, 2013.  The one positive thing that came out of the big fail in Las Vegas is that I was sick early enough in the race that I couldn’t put in a full marathon effort.  In fact, I put in more marathon pace miles in a typical training tempo run than I did in the desert air!

Chevron Houston Marathon
Chevron Houston Marathon

So, I’m taking the fitness I built up for CIM/LVRnR and putting it to use in Houston.  My wife and boys are coming with me, and that alone makes me very happy.  I adore having them as a cheering section.  And, to make the weekend extra special, it looks like Michelle and the boys are going to run the 5K on Saturday while we’re there!  I can’t wait.

Michelle and the boys
At a 5K a few years ago, the boys and their signs for Mom.

I’ve already started back into the training plan and will be able to get in a solid 5 weeks of effort to sharpen my fitness again. As an added bonus, I’ll get to see a few Dailymile and Ragnar friends who are also running.  Should be a fantastic weekend.

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