Training update

Well, the California International Marathon is a little over two months away, and my training has been going well.  The quality workouts have increased in length and intensity and I can finally feel the improvement in my running.  Moving my marathon pace down to 7:48 min/mile was a struggle at first, but after about three weeks of tempo runs (and some threshold runs at even faster pace), it finally feels more comfortable.  I’m looking forward to feeling like I could run all day at marathon pace, and I know if I keep working hard, I’ll get there.

This is my third marathon using the Hanson Brooks training methodology (guided by coach Luke Humphrey), and I’ve seen the improvements come from the hard work each time.  At the Marine Corps Marathon last fall (my first using Hanson Brooks), I was able to take almost 20 minutes off my previous best time, and then at the Glass City Marathon this spring, I was able to take another 12 minutes from my MCM time.  If I can keep going on this plan, I feel confident that I can take the 5 minutes I need to qualify for Boston.

I’m looking forward to the fitness test half marathon I’ve got on my calendar in early November.  I hope to do a better job of using it as a dress rehearsal for the marathon rather than trying to score another PR.