And … we’re back

After a nice little respite from hard running, I’m back at it.  Training for the California International Marathon started in earnest at the beginning of this week, and I’m feeling great.  The rest helped get me recharged both physically and mentally for the workouts that will stretch out ahead of me in preparation for CIM on December 2.

During my break I got to do a few fun things too.  A small sample.

My younger son and I went to Boston to catch a Red Sox game at Fenway.  We also took a duck boat tour of Boston and visited Harvard.  I managed to get in an early morning, relaxing run along the Charles River too. What a fun weekend.

Matthew and I at Fenway Park

The reason my older son wasn’t with us is in Boston is because he got an extraordinary opportunity to spend three weeks in Europe!  He got to see Greece, Italy and France while he was there, and loved every minute of it.  Here’s a picture of him at the airport minutes after he got home.  Somewhere nearby, my wife was probably crying tears of joy!

Sam just off the plane from Europe


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