Two weeks to go before the Glass City Marathon

With a little over two weeks to go until the Glass City Marathon, I have hit the peak of my training.  This week’s training looks like this:

  • Monday — 8 miles, easy pace: 8:35-9:00
  • Tuesday — 12 miles, threshold pace: 7:55-8:00
  • Thursday — 12 miles, tempo pace: 8:00-8:10
  • Saturday — 10 miles, easy pace: 8:35-9:00
  • Sunday — 18 miles, just a bit slower than marathon pace: 8:10-8:20

Sixty miles this week, then I begin to taper down to the marathon.  I’m going into this marathon even more confident than I did in October.  This has been a fantastic training cycle all around.  No injuries to speak of, the weather has been unusually nice here in the midwest, and I’ve pushed myself harder than ever.  I’m feeling strong and confident.


Glass City Marathon Course
Glass City Marathon Course

Once I get past Sunday’s 18 miler, I’ll be focusing on getting to the start line rested.  Do No Harm.

I’ve got a bunch of friends running the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 16th, so I’ll get to start what will be marathon week for me by cheering for friends doing what I hope to be doing on Patriot’s Day 2014.  I can’t think of a better motivator.


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