Prolific, and not in a good way

When I got done with an exhausting Ragnar Relay ultra race last weekend, my brain was just as frazzled as my legs. Which meant I forgot. Again.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a real problem. I kill iPod Shuffles at a rate even the most prolific serial killers couldn’t match. Victim number six was the light blue Shuffle I been using since July when the last victim was found lifeless at the bottom of our washing machine.

The light blue one had been special. It got me through the tough, hot, humid training runs during the summer and then led me to a 20 minute PR at the Marine Corps Marathon in October. Indeed it helped me survive 32 miles in less than 24 hours just this past weekend in Florida.

…and then I killed it. Once again, I forget to unclip it from my running shorts, then sent it spiraling to its own drowning death with Tide Mountain Fresh (with Downy) as its only companion.

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