Toronto Marathon: Why I’m Running

I realize that given my recent issue at the Flying Pig Marathon, it seems crazy to think that I’d immediately turn around and sign up for another.  But I have.  Today I confirmed my registration for the Toronto Marathon which is this Sunday, May 15th.  So why am I doing this?

  1. I received good news from the cardiologist.  The thickening of the walls of my heart are nowhere near what you’d see in a disease state, like you might see in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.   He told me it’s simply something I need to be aware of, and to take extra steps to make sure I hydrate properly.  That’s something that’s in my control to do.  When I asked him if I could keep running, he said, “Absolutely.  Just hydrate better.”  “Running marathons?”  “Yes, knock yourself out.”  Having a cardiologist with a sense of humour is of dubious comfort.
  2. I want to.  I admit it.  I put in a lot of hard work over the last 4½ months to prepare, so I’d like to see this through until the end.  In my way of thinking, what happened last Sunday was a stumble, and I want to move on.
  3. The most important reason to do this, however, is not for me.  It’s for my family.  I cannot allow the lasting memory they have of me in a marathon to be me face down on the side of the road.  It makes my kids afraid and it makes my wife worry.  My sisters and parents too.  Since the Pig, every time I’ve left the house and said, “I’m going for a run,” I could see the worry in their eyes.  I want it to go back to two weeks ago when there was pride in their eyes when I was heading out for my run.  I know that’s too much to ask so soon, but I believe that this will go a long way toward helping their healing begin.  And I want my boys to learn a hard life lesson:  you don’t fold your hand every time you’re faced with adversity.  Get up, get back out there and fight.


    4 thoughts on “Toronto Marathon: Why I’m Running

    1. What an awesome lesson for your boys, Sean. When you finish this one strong, you’ll always be able to point back and say: “Remember when? You can do it too!” I’ll look forward to reading about your success in Toronto!

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