The long runs are done

It’s almost time to taper.  As of Sunday, April 10th, I finished my last truly long run of this marathon training cycle.  When I was training for the Chicago Marathon (my first) last fall, I only had two 20 mile runs on the schedule.  This spring, along with many other improvements to my training, I had three 20+ mile runs and have managed to come away from the increased training load healthy and ready to go for the Flying Pig Marathon on May 1st.  My average pace for my long runs also improved by quite a bit.  For Chicago, my two 20 mile runs averaged about 9:08 min/mile.  For the Pig, my three longest runs (20, 21 & 20) averaged about 8:32 min/mile, so I’m heading into this marathon feeling much more confident about my goals.

Only one more double digit run — a 12 miler this weekend — and then the taper begins.


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