A new cadence

I’m a drummer. I probably haven’t mentioned it, but I am. I used be pretty good when I was younger. I can tell you that one of my favorite things to play was the cadence. The cadence is the rhythm the percussion section plays for the rest of band to march to. The length of the cadence is usually shorter than a full song, but it always repeats, and that repetition gives everyone a sense of where they are and what they need to do next.

Running has become the cadence in my life. The rhythm of my week is kept by my running schedule. Mentally and physically I know where I am and what’s coming next based on what my run is for that day (or the fact that I have no run that day).

  • Mondays are for cross training. A chance to use a different set of muscles and keep fit without the stresses that running puts on your legs.
  • Tuesdays start my running week. It’s usually a relatively easy run and not terribly long.
  • Wednesdays are tough. The day starts with strength training early in the morning, and ends with a medium long run.
  • Thursdays are when some work gets done. This is a day where I’ll do either a tempo run or hill work. I love this day.
  • Fridays are a rest from running. I still do strength training in the morning, but absolutely no running allowed. And maybe, just maybe, I like to get a great big burger with my boys. Maybe.
  • Saturdays are usually a repeat of Wednesday’s run: medium long in length and intensity. It’s meant to get me just tired enough that I have to run Sunday’s long run on fatigued legs.
  • Sundays are my long run. The distance is typically twice the length of Saturday’s run. At this point in marathon training (just under two months from the marathon), my long runs are in the high teens, 20 and 21 before we taper back down.

My life doesn’t have as many paradiddles, triplets, rolls or rudiments as it once did, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have rhythm.

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