First run with Zensahs

As the fall in southwest Ohio gave way to winter last year, I noticed that there were days that were not quite cold enough to require a jacket, but the chill did get to my arms a bit.  After having read reviews of arm sleeves (and calf sleeves), I thought it would be a good idea to give them a try.  I know my family thought I was insane when arm sleeves were the only thing I listed for our Secret Santa Christmas gift exchange.  After I opened them up, my sister (my Secret Santa) said, “What the hell are those for?!”

Today was the perfect kind of day to take my new Zensah Arm Sleeves for a spin.  It was one of those odd January days where the temperature goes up enough to feel warmer but there’s still some drizzle in the air to remind you it’s not Spring yet.  I slipped on the Zensahs, put on my reflective gear and off I went for a 5 mile marathon pace run.  I could tell right off the bat that was going to love them as they kept my arms at the perfect temperature.  At the beginning of the run, before I had really started generating my own heat, the arm sleeves kept my arms warm and dry, which is exaclty what I had hoped for.  As the run went along and I got warm and started to sweat, the sleeves helped move the sweat away from my arms and let it evaporate to keep me feeling cool enough.  Again, keeping everything at that “just right” temperature.  While I didn’t need to on this run, I loved the fact that if I were running a longer run or a race and the day started to warm up, I could remove them without any problem, something I wouldn’t be able to do with a long sleeve technical shirt.

Many runners wear calf sleeves during and after their training help aid in recovery.  I’m soon going to enter the weeks in my marathon training where my long runs will be long enough to really feel the benefit of the compression Zensah Leg Sleeves give, so I may have to treat myself to some of those too!

Great product.  Highly recommended.

Zensah Compression Sleeves

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