November wrap up

I have been terrible about updating this blog in November.  I can do better.

The recovery from my knee injury has been going far better than I expected.  I’m now at the point where I’m wondering if I’m taking it too slow.  It’s a tough call to make because if you push too hard to get back to logging the miles you want to be doing, you can end up needing to keep off your feet for even longer.  The runs I have had toward the end of November have been great, and I can tell that the cross training and strength training are beginning to pay dividends.  The pace of my runs have been down below 8:30 pretty consistently, and I haven’t been trying to push the pace at all.

I had planned to run the Thanksgiving Day 10K here in Cincinnati since it was my very first 10K in 2009.  When I woke up that morning I was very dizzy.  So much so, I actually tipped over while walking and bumped my head against my TV.  I decided to skip the 10K, but the dizziness persisted most of the day.  My wife nailed the reason:  I had gotten out of the habit of keeping hydrated.  When I was marathon training, I always had water with me and was doing a great job of keeping my water intake pretty high.  I think I didn’t equate the work I’ve been doing in cross training or strength training as needing as much, but I was wrong.  I’m back on that bandwagon.  The dizziness finally went away in the late afternoon, so that evening I ran my own personal 10K in the wind and freezing rain.  Glad I did.

I’m very excited for December as I get to go back to a schedule that includes running more often.  I’m still keeping the mileage reasonable, and I’m still doing lots of cross training, but I also know I’ll be happy to be outside logging time and miles on the road.

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