Final prep for the marathon

  • I’ve checked my gear. 7 times.
  • I’ve reviewed my split goals. Again and again.
  • I’ve checked the weather so many times, I’ve got a lifetime ban from
  • I’ve got some cash to get me to the start line. Enough that the start line could be in Dallas.
  • My iPod is charged.
  • My Road ID is set out.
  • My timing chip is secured to my shoe.
  • My race bib is safety pinned onto my shirt.  My bib number 19557.
  • I even watched The Spirit of the Marathon, to get me motivated.
I am ready.  I am a nervous wreck, but I AM READY.

One thought on “Final prep for the marathon

  1. I read your first blog post again about your first day running Couch to 5K. You ran a full 60 seconds and it was a long and painful 60 seconds. A year later, just a year later, you ran a full marathon. It was a long and painful 17,820 seconds. You are an inspiration my friend. Congrats.

    I ran 3 minutes tonight (1 session of week 3 C25K). Like I said you are an inspiration.

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