A few days have passed since my run at the Chicago Marathon, and I can tell you that my perspective has changed quite a bit already. Immediately following the race, my first thoughts were, quite frankly, of bitter disappointment. With a bit of distance, I’ve come to think of the race in a very different […]

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Chicago Marathon race report

I need to write this while I’m still feeling it.  I need to get it out. I have incredibly mixed emotions about the race today.  I went into the race feeling optimistic, prepared, and well trained.  I spent the summer trudging through blistering heat and humidity in order to be prepared and well-trained.  At the […]

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Final prep for the marathon

I’ve checked my gear. 7 times. I’ve reviewed my split goals. Again and again. I’ve checked the weather so many times, I’ve got a lifetime ban from I’ve got some cash to get me to the start line. Enough that the start line could be in Dallas. My iPod is charged. My Road ID […]

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