Next up, the taper

Today I finished the second and final 20 mile run in my training plan for the Chicago Marathon. From now until the race, I’ll be tapering. There is one 12 mile run left for next Sunday, but that no longer seems to have the teeth it once had.

Today’s run was nowhere near as satisfying as the first 20 miler, but that was due to a little stomach bug, not the run itself. I still feel confident and ready for October 10th.

What I am afraid of is … the taper.

The last time I tapered was late April in preparation for the Flying Pig Half Marathon. I’m pretty sure my family was ready to send me to live in a hotel by the end. Apparently, I’m a little grouchy while tapering. I know all of the great reasons for the taper. And I know I’ll be happy to be rested and strong on race day. But the in the mean time I’ll just have to live with being stir crazy. For three weeks. Ughhh.

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