Form here to eternity

The title is my entry into the World’s Worst Pun® competition.  I think I’ve got a real shot at winning.

So, I’ve been spending my time doing three things.

  1. Working on my form.  After reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, I’ve really started to think about my form.  I’m not trying to get performance, necessarily, but I am hoping for longevity.  I plan to be running 20 years from now, so I want to do what I can to avoid injury and breakdown.  I’m about one week into focussing on shortening up my stride, landing on my midfoot with my my foot directly beneath my body, and a higher kick.  No conclusions yet.
  2. Healing my heals.  What an odd place to get cuts; there’s just no easy way to allow them to heal and still continue running.  Almost there, though.
  3. Working on my strength, especially my core.  I know if I don’t get stronger there I’ll never make to the end of 26.2.

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