Back at it

Having rested a bit after the race, I’m now back out on the roads getting in some good mileage.  It feels good.  Although I now know that tapering for the race was necessary and helped me run better during the race, I still didn’t like it.  I’ve grown too accustomed to running decent lengths on a daily basis and I think my body expects to be physically tired.

The cuts I got on my Achilles due to poor wet weather planning for the Pig continue to bother me.  They are healing, but having cuts in a place that gets scratched and rubbed normally durning runs makes it difficult to get it healed quickly.  A runner friend recommended putting Duct tape over top of the normal bandages and that does seem to be helping.

One thought on “Back at it

  1. Sean – saw that you were still fighting those abrasions from the flying Pig on the 2nd. I had a similar “injury” when a zipper on my running tights caused a cut on my left achilles. Neosporin helped with the healing – but while running for protection the only thing that I found that worked were Fabric Band Aids that were “butterfly” bandages.

    Shaped like a sideways H – they were labeled “Tough” fabric. They had some extra “stickiness” to them and the way the H was shaped held them in place. I ran with them for a couple of weeks with no issue and it allowed the cut to heal.

    Best of luck – great job coming in sub 2:00 at the Pig. You are going to rock Chicago this fall.



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