Runners are giving

One of the things I noticed at my very first race last September was how much encouragement runners were giving each other, not only before the race but also during and after the race as well. I was so taken by it that after I ran the 5K that day, I stuck around to cheer […]

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I think I have the male runner’s equivalent of postpartum.  These past couple of weeks since the Flying Pig have been one ‘blah’ run after another.  While I’m happy with the improvements I’m starting to make with my form, I’m just not happy with how it’s been feeling.  My fitness level hasn’t dipped.  My diet […]

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Form here to eternity

The title is my entry into the World’s Worst Pun® competition.  I think I’ve got a real shot at winning. So, I’ve been spending my time doing three things. Working on my form.  After reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, I’ve really started to think about my form.  I’m not trying to get performance, necessarily, […]

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Back at it

Having rested a bit after the race, I’m now back out on the roads getting in some good mileage.  It feels good.  Although I now know that tapering for the race was necessary and helped me run better during the race, I still didn’t like it.  I’ve grown too accustomed to running decent lengths on […]

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One day to go

By this time tomorrow morning, I hope to be done with my first half marathon.  I am excited, nervous, and, at the moment, dry.  Tomorrow, that will not be the case.  A couple of headlines from our local ABC affiliate’s weather website: “Will the Flying Pig be a washout?” “Raleigh’s Forecast: Severe & Strong Storms” […]

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