New Shoes. A Divorce Story.

So a little over a month ago, I had gotten to the point where my Saucony ProGrid Ride2 shoes had about 500 or so miles on them and had lost their support and cushioning, so I set out to get a new pair.  I liked the Saucony’s, but didn’t love them.

I got some input from running friends on DailyMile, headed to my local running store, and ended up buying Brooks Glycerin 8‘s.  I think I made the youthful mistake of reacting to all of the things I thought the Saucony’s didn’t have, and went the complete opposite way.  The Brooks felt much more structured with much more support.  I really thought I’d found “The One.”

I gave them a chance.  Honest.  I did.  We tried and tried, then went to counseling, but it just didn’t work out.  After 6 weeks of running with them, I had face the cold, hard truth: we just weren’t made to be together.  I grew to hate them and resent them, and frankly, that’s just not good for any relationship.

After making it through all of the emotions that come with breakups, I decided it was time to get back out there and find a new love.  Oh yes, I considered the whole online scene, but I think I’m just too old-fashioned.  How anyone can choose a new mate based on pictures and descriptions is beyond me.  “Perfect balance!”  “Long-lasting uppers!”  “Superior cushioning!”  Give me a break.  And I’m Ryan Hall.

Back to the old watering hole I went.  (Well, it’s actually just a running store, but they do have a water cooler.)  I poured my heart out to the bartender (clerk) about what I hated in my ex.  After patiently listening to me prattle on, he said, “I have someone I want you to meet.  I think you’re going to love ’em.  Back in a sec.”

Now, I know I was eager to move on, but when he came back with his friend(s), I would swear there was glow like I had never seen before.  And harp music.  Yes, the sweet, sweet sounds of harp music.  I slipped them on, went for a brief jog, and just knew we were meant to be together.

Without further ado (and unbelievably laborious analogies), my new mate(s).

Pearl iZUMi SyncroFloat III
Pearl iZUMi SyncroFloat III

The Pearl iZUMi SyncroFloat III.  We’re only two dates (runs) in, but I just know we’re going to be happy together.

3 thoughts on “New Shoes. A Divorce Story.

  1. Brilliant post! I was the SAME way when I bought new shoes…. I purchased the Brooks Ghost and went on one run in them… then I realized my heart was with my Nikes… Back to the running store I went…

    I am now on my THIRD pair of Nike Pegasus in marathon training… good thing they aren’t too expensive!

  2. I thought you were referring to your wife! My thought was that she was ready for a divorce because of your new obsession with finding the perfect shoe. Those sneaks are pretty cool looking!

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