Half marathon distance

This Saturday I decided to see how attainable my stated goal for the half marathon really is.

The run started out fine, but I have to admit that the last half didn’t go that well.  I didn’t feel anywhere near as strong as I did just a week ago on my first 12 mile run.  But, I did finish the run and I came very close to the goal I have set for the race.  The goal is 1:55:00 and I completed this run in 1:55:31.

There are a couple reasons for worry:

  1. It was an absolutely perfect day.  Very little wind, mid-fifties, clear blue skies.  Who knows what race day will bring.
  2. While there were some hills in my run, there was nothing that compares to Gilbert.

I am just deluded enough to think that there are a couple reasons to be positive too:

  1. I won’t need to carry my own water around.  I hate those damn hydration belts.
  2. Adrenaline is a wonderful thing.
  3. Other runners.  ‘Nuff said.

All in all, based on this run, I feel like I’ve set a great goal.  It’s aggressive enough that it will keep me pushing throughout the race, yet I already know I can do it.  When I ran my first ever 10K just over 5 months ago, I was blown away by the effect the crowd had on me.  And that was nothing compared to the runner support at the Flying Pig.

I’m ready.

One thought on “Half marathon distance

  1. 17 days. Wow. I feel like I was just saying the Pig was 100 days away. You’ve got this in the bag!

    “Trust your training”

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