Up and down

Sorry for the long layoff.

My runs lately have been really up and down.  One week ago, I had a run that was just incredible.  8+ miles, great pace and never really felt tired at all.  One of those runs where you feel like you could take on the world.  Then, that Saturday I set out for my long run, scheduled to be 12 miles, and didn’t make it.  I suddenly got very dizzy at about mile 7 and couldn’t go on.  Since then nothing spectacular, nothing bad.

I’m scheduled to run the Heart Mini Marathon on Sunday, so I’m excited about that, but still not sure whether I’ll be able to.  We’ve been dealing with a critical illness to a loved one in my family, and because of that, schedules have been haywire.  I find it very unsettling to feel guilty about wanting to run.  The truth is, I want to get my runs in as scheduled and I want to run the Mini, but the reality is that I might not be able to.  This may be one of those life moments where I get to (re)learn the lesson that I am not in control of everything.

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