Back from Paradise

Wow.  What a great trip.  We had beautiful, sunshiny weather the entire time we were there, and we took advantage of it.  We spent all day, everyday at the pool(s), the beach, the waterslides, the rapids rides, and yes, I even managed to run.  Nothing earth shattering to report on the running end of things, just three 5 mile runs.  But the views were incredible and my pace really showed it:  more than one minute/mile worse when compared to the typical pace I had been running.  There was a pretty steep bridge in between the island we were on and the main island, so I did get some good hill work done.  I was kicking myself a bit because I didn’t get in a long run, but vacation is vacation!

A few gratuitous pictures.

My younger son, Matthew, on the beach making sand castles.

My older son, Sam, doing his best Heisman pose at the beach.

Me, after learning just what the Bahamian lifeguard meant when he said, “Dad, you’re about to get a water wedgie,” just before riding the “Leap of Faith” waterslide.

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