Up and down

Sorry for the long layoff. My runs lately have been really up and down.  One week ago, I had a run that was just incredible.  8+ miles, great pace and never really felt tired at all.  One of those runs where you feel like you could take on the world.  Then, that Saturday I set […]

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Thankful for running

As I was running tonight, I started thinking about how thankful I am just to be able to get out there and run.  I remember thinking the same thing one night soon after the earthquake in Haiti.  You only need to read a few posts by currently injured runners on Daily Mile to see just […]

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Back in the groove

After successfully getting out of vacation mode, my running feels like it’s back in a groove.  I’ve done about 25 miles over the last few days and I feel strong again. I’m also excited to get my new shoes.  I decided on Brooks Glycerin 8s. After getting recommendations from friends on DailyMile and running friends […]

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Back from Paradise

Wow.  What a great trip.  We had beautiful, sunshiny weather the entire time we were there, and we took advantage of it.  We spent all day, everyday at the pool(s), the beach, the waterslides, the rapids rides, and yes, I even managed to run.  Nothing earth shattering to report on the running end of things, […]

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