Everybody gets knocked down

So Thursday I went out, was feeling great and decided to do a little longer run than my typical mid week run, and did just over 7 miles.  And I even pushed the pace a bit and came away from it feeling motivated and energized.  I knew I was aiming to do the longest run I’ve ever done on Saturday (a 12 mile run), so I had a rest day on Friday.

Saturday morning came, and with it, decent weather compared to what we’ve been battling around here.  I had a little breakfast, had a nice stretch, got suited up and headed out.  Right from the very first steps of the run, I could feel that I just didn’t have it.  I pushed through, being careful not to let myself jump to conclusions, and just kept running.  Usually within the first couple of miles, I can feel my body find a nice rhythm and cadence and the miles will just go by.  But it never happened.  I had it in my head that I wanted to do 12, so I pushed and pushed, but really bonked at 10 and just didn’t want to go on and risk injury.

After spending the rest of the afternoon in a bad mood because of my “failure,” I checked in on DailyMile to see great encouragement from running friends.

“Congrats on getting 10miles in after that first step; that is pure heart.”  Jessica H

“Sometimes it’s just not meant to happen. I’m impressed you stuck with it for 10 miles feeling the way you did!”  Tracey G

“It’s still an awesome week for you. You’re really putting on the miles. Keep up the good work!” Doug A

“A ten is never disappointing!!!”  Erin K

“I know you’re pain, brotha. We all those days. Better than sitting on the couch though. An hour 40 well spent. Rock on!”  Turhan J

“Way to go, you still got 10!” Meaghan D

Seriously, how could anyone stay in a bad mood after reading great encouragement like that?  That’s one of the aspects I absolutely love about running:  the community of positive, giving people it attracts.  Amazing.

“Everybody gets knocked down,
Everybody gets knocked down,
How quick are you gonna get up?
How quick are you gonna get up?”

Ali in the Jungle, The Hours

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