I’m a serial killer

It is true.  I am a serial killer of iPods.  After my long run on Saturday, I got home, put my gear in the wash and went on about my day.  And then I realized I had left my iPod Shuffle clipped to my jacket, and so it died.  A slow, agonizing, brutal, drowning.

So I had to start using my son’s Shuffle.  Today, I got back from my run, put my gear in the wash and went on about my day.

You guessed it.  Forgot my boy’s Shuffle was clipped to my jacket.  It, too, suffered a death you wouldn’t wish upon an enemy.

Blue Apple iPod Shuffle.  Christmas 2008 – February 2010.  A trusted friend.  Never complained even when I played Britney at 6:00 AM.

P.S.  Note to self:  buy Apple stock.

2 thoughts on “I’m a serial killer

  1. LOL!! Hope your new ipod is hanging in there–I was so bummed that you can no longer get the generation you have above and have to have the controls on the headphones now…I, too am a serial killer–I think I went through about 10 of them in one year as they would just stop working in the middle of run (the people at the apple store probably recognized me when I walked in the door). Thank goodness for the great warranty!!

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