First ten mile run

A huge milestone for me tonight, my first ten mile run ever.  I knew I was doing my long run for the week tonight (due to the impending winter storm) and I think I got a little too amped up and tied my shoes too tight!  About 7.5 miles in, I started to feel some pain in my left foot right where the laces tie, but I just decided to run through it.  About a mile later the pain was gone.  The rest of the run went well.

After consulting more experienced runners on DailyMile, I decided to use some Body Glide tonight.  Yep, that’s right folks:  too much nipple pain on the long runs for this guy.  The Body Glide worked like a dream and I can report my nipples as pain free.  I can practically hear the collective sighs of relief.

I also brought water with me for the first time and it really did help.  In yet another fine example of a rookie mistake, I went bounding out the door never having figured out how to get the water bottles off the belt.  So instead, I got to figure it out mid-run.  In the dark.  With gloves on.  “For I am Costanza, lord of the idiots.”

I also used my first energy gel, a Clif Shot (Razz flavored) after about 6.5 miles.  Tough to tell whether it helped a lot since I don’t have another 10-miler to compare against, but it did give me a bit of a boost, so I’ll take it.

All kinds of firsts tonight!

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