Running and hydrating and Bike shorts

I never thought I’d get here, but I am.  I am now running long enough and hard enough to worry about hydration.  I set a goal to make my long run 8 miles this past weekend, and I was able to do it, which felt great.  Until later that evening when I was hit with a pretty bad headache.  And then my puny little brain managed to remember that exactly the same thing happened last weekend when I ran 7+ miles.  The two things in common between the two runs was that I neglected to bring any kind of water or drink along on the run and that I felt incredibly thirsty afterward.  And while I grew up playing the typical sports like baseball, basketball and football, one thing I do remember the coaches yelling at us was, “Once you’re dehydrated, no amount of water will catch you up.”  So it turns out that the guys in the too-tight Bike shorts did know something.

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