The Hulk

So after a terrible week last week, I almost slipped into a funk, but mid-run on Monday, I got mad.  At me.  And then I ran harder than I thought I could.  And my splits (for a 5 mile run) looked like this:

  1. Mile 1:  10:00/mile.  Feeling sorry for myself.
  2. Mile 2:  9:50/mile.  Still being an idiot.
  3. Mile 3:  9:37/mile.  Starting to turn green.  You wouldn’t like me when I’m mad.
  4. Mile 4:  8:58/mile.  Complete turnaround in attitude.
  5. Mile 5:  8:04/mile.  Felt like I could climb a mountain.

I think running (after some base level of fitness) is as much about your head as it is your legs/lungs.  It reminds me of a famous quote by Bobby Jones, the professional golfer:

“Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course…the space between your ears.”

I followed that run up with another 5.12 mile run yesterday with an average pace of 8:53 which is a new PR for me at any kind of distance.  And once again, I felt like a million bucks at the end.

One thought on “The Hulk

  1. Nicely done. I completely agree about the mental vs physical aspect of running. Obviously, there has to be some physical talent available, but I think the mental aspect is often what allows someone to improve. As an example, you are physically capable of running a 8:04 mile, right? With the right training, why shouldn’t you be able to run two miles at an 8:04 pace? Why not three? Is it because you aren’t physically capable of doing it or is it because your mind is convincing you it’s too fast for too far? Change your mindset and your body will follow. Wait, isn’t that a song by En Vogue? I mean…umm…someone told me there was a group named En Vogue that sang a song with similar lyrics. Anyway, with a positive attitude, smart training, not pushing too much too soon, I think you have a lot of improvement ahead of you. Great run and keep up the good work.

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