Half or full?

I’ve been making some good progress in my training for the Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon in May.  In fact, the miles I’m logging puts me a bit ahead of some of the people I know who are training for the full marathon.  My plan has been to run the Half Pig, then run the full Chicago Marathon in the fall, but I’m wondering whether I could be ready for a full marathon by May.  What I really wonder is whether I’d end up injuring myself by trying to go too far too fast.  I think I’ll stick to the plan.

6 thoughts on “Half or full?

  1. What is your weekly mileage and how long is your current long run? I will look in dailymile later, but wanted to drop you a response while I was thinking about it. Later tonight, I can give you a comparison to where was at this point in training when I ran my first Pig in 07.

  2. So I’m running about 25 miles/week, which, based on the marathon training plans I’ve seen, seems pretty strong based on being 12-ish weeks out. What I have not done yet is started to lengthen my long runs. They still hover at about 6-7 miles.

    I just started running (again) in September ’09, so my biggest worry is trying to tackle a full marathon so quickly and either breaking down physically and really demotivating myself. I have loved the feeling of building confidence slowly over time, so that’s why I’m tending toward sticking with the half in May and aiming at the full in October. I’d love to hear your input as I am completely a novice.

  3. Well, I was surprised when I went back and reviewed my running log for the ’07 Pig, which was my 2nd marathon. At this point in training (~16 wks before race), my long run was 8 miles and I was averaging close to 20 miles per week. I slowly increased my long runs and ended up with two 16 mile runs, one 18 mile run and one 20 mile run. My average for the 16 weeks of training prior to the taper ended up being around 26 miles per week. With that said, I don’t think it was enough training to “enjoy” the experience.

    Will this be your first half/full marathon? If so, I would suggest running the Pig half in May, continue to slowly increase your mileage and long run over the summer, run some 5ks in the summer, run another half marathon in the early fall (if you are willing to travel, there is a pretty good half in Columbus in August) and then run a full in October. I think the increased mileage, challenge of improving your half marathon time and getting prepared for a full would still allow you to stay motivated and offer challenges along the way. The 5ks will help with speed and the half marathon two months before your full will help determine your goal pace for the full in October.

    I’m not sure if any of this helps, but just my viewpoint from my experiences. If you have any other questions, feel free to send me an email at mburns1214@gmail.com.

    – Mike (twitter @mburns1214 / dailymile Mike B)

  4. Mike, thanks so much for the thoughtful input. The plan you laid out does sound like one that will both allow me to build up to the full in October while keeping me motivated to improve my running this spring and fall. Thanks again!

  5. I reluctantly agree with Mike. And I say reluctantly because I want more people I “know” to enjoy the torture of 26.2 on May 2nd! But he’s right… especially since you will be running in your first half marry in may. Halfs are FUN! You will love it.

    Any I may be joining you in Chicago. I have ALWAYS wanted to run in that race. I will let you know of my decision come May 3rd… If I survive the hill on Gilbert, that is!

  6. So you’re trying to share the torture?! If I do just the half Pig, then I’ll stay afterward to cheer you up the Gilbert hill. And then maybe we can share the pain of Lake Shore Drive in the fall.

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