Core? What core?

So as I mentioned on Sunday, I have started to do some core work to help strengthen my runs, especially the longer ones.  This morning I had my second core workout, and it was longer, and much tougher.  I had been told how important being stronger in your core is to running, but honestly, I never really felt it was a big deal.

But today I learned a lesson, and a hard one.  After having a really tough core workout this morning, I was sore all day.  My abs and lower back were completely shot.  But it was the “good” kind of sore you get after working hard, so I didn’t think much of it.

Tomorrow, Cincinnati is expecting a pretty sizable snow storm, so I decided to try to get a quick run in tonight, abs or no abs.  Thus beginneth the lesson.  I was wobbly, my feet felt like they were all over the place, and was running at a terrible pace and couldn’t do much about it.  Then it dawned on me.  No core.  They were completely shot from this morning.  So now I am a believer.

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