Childhood obesity

Before I start this post, let me just say that I am not a nutrition fanatic, nor do I force my two children to eat broccoli 24/7.  But, my wife and I do like to incorporate some nutritional value into our kids’ meals when we can.  Having said that, I’d like to lodge a complaint. […]

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The New Normal

No, I’m not talking about the economy, I’m talking about running. It was just a few days ago that I decided to push harder and run at a faster pace, and it already feels normal to run more quickly. For today’s run I set out to run a nice, easy 5 miles. I even kept […]

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The Hulk

So after a terrible week last week, I almost slipped into a funk, but mid-run on Monday, I got mad.  At me.  And then I ran harder than I thought I could.  And my splits (for a 5 mile run) looked like this: Mile 1:  10:00/mile.  Feeling sorry for myself. Mile 2:  9:50/mile.  Still being […]

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First bad week

Since I started running again in September, I had yet to have a bad week of running, so perhaps I was overdue.   I’d had a tough day of running now and again, but never an entire week.  But last week felt that way.  Oddly, I set new personal distance records for myself both on an […]

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Half or full?

I’ve been making some good progress in my training for the Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon in May.  In fact, the miles I’m logging puts me a bit ahead of some of the people I know who are training for the full marathon.  My plan has been to run the Half Pig, then run the […]

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Yak Trax FTW

When I put Yak Trax on my wish list for my family’s Christmas gift exchange, they thought I had lost my mind, but I absolutely love them.  It’s been very cold and snowy here in Cincinnati for the past couple of weeks, so my choices are to run inside, on a treadmill (which I clearly […]

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Irony, thy name is WordPress

The software that drives this blog is called WordPress.  One of the great things about WordPress is that it tells you when you need to upgrade, and today was one of those days.  So I dutifully went through the upgrade process, and I noticed this message go scrolling by in the middle: Upgrading core… Man […]

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Core? What core?

So as I mentioned on Sunday, I have started to do some core work to help strengthen my runs, especially the longer ones.  This morning I had my second core workout, and it was longer, and much tougher.  I had been told how important being stronger in your core is to running, but honestly, I […]

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Oh treadmill, I hate thee so

I finally gave in and decided to run on a treadmill tonight.  The weather wasn’t horrible but people were slipping all over the place in their cars and one-on-one, I lose to 4000 pound pieces of machinery every time.   However, a little piece of my soul died as I put one foot in front […]

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