Year end recap, 2010 look ahead

It’s that time of year, the time for recaps.  Maybe in December 2019 I’ll have a decade-end recap too.

I restarted running on September 6, 2009, and since then I’ve made a lot of progress.  As you’ll see if you read through the first couple of posts, I didn’t set out with any particular goal in mind, other than to stop being disgusted with myself.  I’m setting some specific goals for 2010.

The thing that I am most proud of is the simple fact that I stuck to it.  That fact alone has a big, positive psychological impact on me.  Here are some of the stats.

Month Mileage
September 2009 11
October 2009 29
November 2009 54
December 2009 101

100 miles in December!  At the beginning, it took every bit of determination I had to simply run for 60 seconds straight, now I can look back on it and laugh.

I also managed to lose some weight too.  When I started in September, I was 214lbs (on a 6’0″ frame), which is obese by Body Mass Index (BMI) standards.  As of today, I am down to 185lbs which is back in the normal range for BMI.  More important than just the weight is the fact that I am a ton healthier as well.  I have much more energy, I sleep better, I eat better and I honestly just have a brighter outlook on things.  I have entire page dedicated to the more holistic view of why I run.

I started using the Couch to 5K program in September to get myself going and it really helped me a ton.  I managed to “graduate” from C25K by running my very first race, the Mason Mini 5K on November 8th, exactly 9 weeks after I started, and the day before my 41st birthday.  While I didn’t set any speed records (30:22), that race really got me hooked on running and motivated me to continue to improve.  One week later, I ran another 5K, the Race for the Lions at St. Ursaline.  I did improve my time a bit (29:34), but more importantly, I had a great time running and continued to keep motivated.

As Thanksgiving approached, I started to consider running the Thanksgiving Day 10K in downtown Cincinnati.  I have to admit, I was afraid to do it for fear of failing and demotivating myself, but I went ahead anyway.  I ended up with more training time than I had anticipated, because my older son got H1N1 so we had to postpone a vacation.  I completed the race in 1:04:24 and felt great, so mission accomplished.

The 10K really got me excited about training for a longer race, so  I’ve decided to run the Flying Pig Half Marathon in May.  I’m currently considering whether to train with a group, or just continue on my own.  Assuming the Half Pig goes well, I plan to run the full Chicago Marathon in October.  At the beginning of this post, I stated that I restarted running in September. The restart was because my initial forray into distance running was started and inspired by watching a friend run the Chicago Marathon many moons ago.  I didn’t have the discipline to stick with it, so starting again this year is partly to prove to myself that I can.

I look forward to running even more in 2010.

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