Taking the long way home

After getting dressed for my cold run this evening, my older son asked me if I was going for a short run or a long one.  I said, “I hope it’s going to be a long run.  Maybe even my longest ever.”

Sure enough, I beat my previous long run (the Thanksgiving Day 10K) by about a half mile.  6.9 miles tonight, and I felt great.

Actually, I felt great except for my hands.  I grabbed the wrong pair of gloves and the ones I put on weren’t up for the 30 degree test.  By the end of the run, my legs and lungs felt fine, but I couldn’t feel my fingers at all.

Funny story.  As I said, it was very cold this evening, so I wore running tights to keep my legs warm.  When I came downstairs to head out for the run, my younger boy said, “You look funny.”

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