Dizzy and lightheaded

I had planned to go out today to put in at least 5 miles so that I’d surpass my previous weekly total of 20 miles.  I started the run with about 15.5 miles on a very tough week of brutal cold and high winds, so I thought I had a new weekly high in the bag.  It’s into the 40s here today so the weather is nowhere near as bad as it’s been.

A couple miles into the run I was feeling fine, but my shoe came untied so I stopped, tied the shoe, then kept going. But I immediately felt dizzy and lightheaded.  So much so that I couldn’t keep my legs under me.  I only got in a little over 2.5 miles and had to stop, so I finished the week just a touch over 18 miles.

Very, very weird feeling. And a very disappointing ending to a week after hard fought battle with the elements.

For those keeping score at home for the week ending December 13:

Mother Nature: 1

Sean: 1

Sean’s head: 1

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