A break in the weather

Well the temperature is not much higher (33F), but the wind stopped and the sun came out.  My older son rode his bike along with me today, so that really kept me going.  At the end of the run, my legs were feeling a bit dead, so I told him he had to push me on through, and he did a great job!

“Come on dad, you’re almost to the top of the hill.  Just a little bit more.  You can make it!”

Does it get and better than that?  I love when one of the boys comes with me.

In other good news, my wife is just about done healing her shin splints, so she starts up again Monday.  I’m proud of her getting back and going.  We also are getting a night on our own as the boys are having a sleep over at a friend’s house.  Hooray for date nights!

P.S.  If I can put in four or more miles in tomorrow, I’ll surpass my previous best weekly total of 20 miles.

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