Year end recap, 2010 look ahead

It’s that time of year, the time for recaps.  Maybe in December 2019 I’ll have a decade-end recap too. I restarted running on September 6, 2009, and since then I’ve made a lot of progress.  As you’ll see if you read through the first couple of posts, I didn’t set out with any particular goal […]

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A PR at 10K

It’s one day from the end of December and I am determined to end it having run 100 miles in the month. As of this morning, I was 8 miles from hitting that milestone, so I wanted to get a good run in.  Today while my son was at a baseball camp, I ran on […]

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My wife is tough as nails

So my wife made a commitment to herself to re-start the Couch to 5K program after Christmas.   I say restart because she got a little more than half way through the program this fall when she started to have very painful shin splints.  After trying to fight through the pain for about two weeks, she […]

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I’m not obsessed

What I last called obsession, I know call a healthy habit. I know now that the reality is that I really like to run and I genuinely miss it on the days I rest.  I wonder if, after a while, your body gets accustomed to burning a lot of energy on runs and actually expects […]

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I may be obsessed

Had a quick run last night at a quicker pace than usual.  But today it just feels so odd to not look forward to a run.  I know my run Saturday will go better because of this rest day, but in the meantime it just doesn’t feel right.  I may have unwittingly developed an obsession.

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Taking the long way home

After getting dressed for my cold run this evening, my older son asked me if I was going for a short run or a long one.  I said, “I hope it’s going to be a long run.  Maybe even my longest ever.” Sure enough, I beat my previous long run (the Thanksgiving Day 10K) by […]

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It’s not me, it’s you

This post isn’t about me, it’s about my wife.  She went out today and restarted C25K, and I couldn’t be happier for her.  She had a little twinge in her shin, but nothing to write home about.  She plans to take it slow, which is smart.

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