Doing the Thanksgiving Day Race 10K

I’m doing the Thanksgiving Day Race on Thursday.  I did about 4.5 miles yesterday and about 5.5 today, so I feel I’m ready.  I’ll probably rest tomorrow, do a few easy miles on Tuesday, then run the race Thursday.  I’m so new at this, I have no idea whether that’s the right approach, but it seems sensible, so it’s what I going to do.

My younger son went with me yesterday (on his bike) and he was so proud to have been with me on my longest run to date.  Then his brother, who was just chomping at the bit to finally get out of the house again, came with me today, and he got to say that now he got to go on Dad’s longest run.

It’s nice to get a reminder of just how little it really takes to make them happy.  It reminds me of when they were toddlers and they’d get a birthday gift in the mail from one of my sisters.  The gift itself would sit untouched but the box it was shipped in would become their favorite plaything for the next couple months.

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