After the race

So I learned a lesson about nutrition (I assume).  While I didn’t do the typical pig-out on Thanksgiving, I did have more crap food than I usually do, and it showed in my first post race run yesterday.  I got kind of dizzy and light-headed and had to cut the run short.  No soreness or […]

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My first 10K

Today I reached goal #2 for the year:  to run a 10K within 5 months of starting to run again.  I actually finished way ahead of when I thought I’d be ready, and I’m very glad I did. I ran the Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race, the US’s second oldest organized race (after the Boston Marathon).  […]

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Pre-race jitters

OK, I admit it, I’m nervous about tomorrow.  I have no real reason to be. Success is defined as simply finishing, but I am nervous that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. My wife decided the best way to support me is take me, the boys and my parents (who got here today) […]

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Pushing for the 10K

Since we were supposed to be on a real vacation, I decided to take the days off from work anyway, and it’s been great.  The older boy is nearly back to normal which is great.  His brother seems to be unscathed by our H1N1 skirmish. In the meantime I’ve had a great time just hanging […]

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Little man’s a little better

He’s doing a bit better today.  The doctor gave us anti-nausea medication for him, and that has helped.  The fever has subsided a bit as well.  He now has just the tiniest little bit of color back in his face, and just this evening he started arguing with his brother again, so we’re cleary heading […]

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Running better than ever

Maybe it the anticipation of our trip, but I feel like I’m running better than I ever have.  Got in a couple of miles as a recovery run after the race on Sunday but I really felt like I could have easily kept going.  Really had to force myself to stop.  That’s a good feeling. […]

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A second 5K in a week

As long as I’m doing these things, I might as well keep going. Today, my wife and I ran the St. Ursaline Run for the Lions 5K.  Our niece, Molly, attends St. Ursaline, so we know the proceeds are going to a good cause.  Her brother Danny also ran with us.  When in high school […]

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