It’s the little things

My wife used to run a small business named It’s the Little Things and it came to mind tonight.

Got my run in today with both of my boys in tow, and I felt great.  There’s something about having either one of them along that makes the whole thing go better.  Maybe it’s because I’m no longer just worrying about how I feel and that my _________ hurts, but I’m trying to look out for them.  Or maybe it’s smiling at my younger boy’s constant questions.  That kid’s energy for conversation is absolutely insatiable.  The other thing I found is how much better each of them feel when they’ve had a chance to go out and “help” Dad.

Completely unrelated to running, but it looks like one of my favorite people from a former employer is going to come work for my company.  It always feels better when your surrounded by people you want to be around at work.

My wife, on the other hand, is struggling with shin splints.  She had done this same program last year and succeeded at running a 5K in August.  But her shins really bothered her then, and now she’s feeling it again.  I’m not sure whether I should be saying, “Push through the pain,” or “you should really take it easy.”

My little thing today is that I do better and my family does better when I focus less on me and more on them.

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