Papa needs a new pair of shoes

I did it.  Here’s what “it” is:

  1. Completed this week on a great run with my wife, two boys and our nutty dog on an absolutely beautiful, crisp fall morning.  We went to a nearby park (instead of my typical route) and I have to remember to do this more often.  The same scenery day after day can get stale.
  2. Completed the first month of C25K.  So far, I am couch to 1.5 miles.
  3. I got a new pair of running shoes!  My God, I feel like I’m running on cushions.  So very nice.
  4. I got a bloody nose in the the middle of my run!  As I was completing the last few meters, my older son scootered up to me an said, “Dad what happened?  Are you OK?!”  I said, “I feel great!  Why?”  “Dad, you have blood all over your self.”  Apparently, I sprung a leak.

Here’s the nutty dog I mentioned.  His name is Mosely.


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