Another great week of running

With my run today I have completed week 7 of C25K and once again, felt very strong.  The boys have been going with me every now and again and that always helps me. My wife has decided to rest her shins rather than continuing to aggravate her shin splints.  The disappointment of having to stop […]

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A great end to a great week

The week ended with a 25 minute run with no breaks.  Again, seems so small to real runners, but it felt like a big deal to me.  Especially after being so disheartened by last week’s failure.  I’m inching closer to completing C25K, so I should probably start looking for a 5K. Both boys’ fall baseball […]

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It’s the little things

My wife used to run a small business named It’s the Little Things and it came to mind tonight. Got my run in today with both of my boys in tow, and I felt great.  There’s something about having either one of them along that makes the whole thing go better.  Maybe it’s because I’m […]

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A new week, a new start

Last week is gone, and I got right back up on the horse (so to speak) today.  While a significantly shorter run, I felt great and for more motivated.  This week is supposed to end with a 25 minute run so I need to work hard to get there. Right foot, left foot, right foot, […]

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A rough week

Not many posts this week, and, frankly, a pretty tough week.  Work was pushing, pushing, pushing, so I never really felt like I had time for much else.  I have to admit I’m pretty down about the whole thing and then I just failed on my last C25K workout of the week.  The final run […]

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Papa needs a new pair of shoes

I did it.  Here’s what “it” is: Completed this week on a great run with my wife, two boys and our nutty dog on an absolutely beautiful, crisp fall morning.  We went to a nearby park (instead of my typical route) and I have to remember to do this more often.  The same scenery day […]

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Happy running math

I have two reasons to be happy about running math: If I complete this week, judging my pace in a very rough way, I think I will have completed five full miles.  I can practically hear the giggling of serious runners out there, but it feels like a big deal to me. If I do […]

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