Day two and an iPhone app

I am a gadget guy.  I love cool electronic toys.  So today I found a little electronic help on my road back to running in the form of an iPhone app called C25K.  At it’s heart, C25K is simply an interval training program designed to get you running little by little.  Rather than having to face running  3.1 miles as an insurmountable goal, it gives you tiny bite size chunks and eases you into running.  (“Ease” being a relative term.  Did you read my last post?)

So the C25K iPhone app helps you by giving you verbal cues about what you should be doing, all while playing whatever playlist of songs you like to run to.  As you’re doing your workout, you hear the voice come through the headphones (after automatically muting your music) telling you, “Walk”, “Run”, “Halfway done”, and “Last run.”  Pretty cool.  No more listening for my watch to beep and remember what interval I’m supposed to be on.  And it has the entire C25K program already preconfigured for you so you just select the day and it takes care of the rest.

C25K iPhone App

It helped me pay less attention to my belly jiggling around and my labored breathing as I plodded through day two, so that alone makes it a winner for me.

Speaking of bellies.  Just to make sure my embarrassment is complete, as I start this program I weigh 218lbs.  Which would be fine if I were 8’3″ tall, but sadly, I’m only 6’0″.

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