I begin again

It’s been 11 years or so since I last ran on a consistent basis. Lately I’ve gotten so completely disgusted with myself, my laziness, but most importantly, the example I am setting for my family that I have (re)committed to running. It used to be one of the true joys in my life, then I let my career and a myriad of other things take over my life. I am not as good a person when I am not running and I’m tired of it. And of me.

A colleague of mine listened to me bellyache about how lazy I had gotten and how much I used to love running. He suggested that I set myself up for success by starting again using a slow, steady approach like the approach in Couch to 5K, so I’ve decided to do just that. When I told my wife about the program, she read up on it then immediately started it. Last week! Nothing like a little intra-family competition to help fuel the fire. I must catch up..

I love running. I hate running. I love running.

I know myself, and I know that the best way to hold myself accountable is to put my promise out in public. If no one ever reads this blog, that’s OK as long is it continues to help me motivate myself.

Here we go again. This time, it’s for real. I promise.

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