They lie, I tell you

Damn watches and phones.  I know they lie.  They do it to torture me, I’m certain of it.  There’s no way 5 minutes of running feels so damn long.  By the end of it I was gasping for air.  I’m pretty certain that it has nothing to do with my advancing age or the fact […]

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Happy anniversary

I completed week three today, and celebrated my 11 year wedding anniversary with my wife yesterday.  She’s been an inspiration to me in a million ways, not the least of which is her support of my running.  I can tell that I’m starting to make strides as I’m getting itchy to start some longer runs.  […]

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As I begin the third week of my training, I’ve decided to give myself an incentive:  complete the entire first four weeks and I get new running shoes.  The ones I’ve been wearing are long, long past their useful life.  I’ve forgotten what it feels like to wear new running shoes, so I know this […]

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Week two ends

Well I’m made it to the end of the second week of C25K, and I have to admit that I am already feeling like progress is being made.  I managed to drop a pound or two so that’s got to be a good sign.  The other thing I’ve noticed is that when you’re trying hard […]

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Week two begins

Week two of C25K training started tonight.  This week I alternate between 90 seconds of running and 2 minutes of walking and day one wasn’t too bad.  I know I shouldn’t do this, but I’ve already looked ahead and I can’t even imagine that I’ll be able to get to 30 minutes of running.  I’m […]

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First test

This weekend, I will be in Chicago with my wife, kids, and friends to see the Cubs play the Reds and then see U2 at Soldier Field.  We drive to Chicago tomorrow after work, then Saturday is just packed.  Cubs/Reds at Wrigley with a noon start, head to some Chicago tourist-y kind of restaurant for […]

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Day two and an iPhone app

I am a gadget guy.  I love cool electronic toys.  So today I found a little electronic help on my road back to running in the form of an iPhone app called C25K.  At it’s heart, C25K is simply an interval training program designed to get you running little by little.  Rather than having to […]

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Hi, pain

Hello, pain. I remember you.  I remember that when I actually exert myself, you show up.  You’re consistent as hell, too.  You never take a day off.  Exert, pain … extert, pain … exert, pain.  That’s how it goes. But here’s the thing.  I like you.  I missed you.  I want you back in my […]

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Sixty seconds of hell

I’d love to report that day one on my journey back to running left me feeling exhilarated and ready to take on the world.  It did not. I felt embarrassed.  I felt very real disgust.  When I was a younger man (I’m now 40), I could have literally run all day.  Today I see my […]

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